Over de kunstenaar

The artworks of Lisanne Hoogerwerf depict real-unreal places; places that you cannot find in the ordinary reality, but are made with real materials like pieces of wood, sand, glue and painted canvas.

She creates her art as a way to visualise inner and outer human landscapes. Working mainly from imagination she wants to lay hold on an archetypal language.

Her studio floor functions as a stage upon which she builds captures and deconstructs her landscapes. With playful and iconic artefacts, she refers to different aspects of our society, like the need for shelter, entertainment, consumerism and environmental issues. Her scenes are emptied of the hustle and bustle of everyday life: neither traffic nor crowded cityscapes to be seen. Contrasting characteristics and elements can be linked to her work like; utopian/dystopian, playfulness/seriousness society/nature, beauty/drabness.
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