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-Three-dimensional Paper sculpture and red suede on a deep edge wood board.
-The texts on the paper printed by silkscreen.
-The N represents "Neutral".
I produce three-dimensional pieces that incorporate words as a representation of psychology and human behavior. Building upon the universal impulse to begin reading when presented with a text, my works ask questions about human self-awareness and subconsciousness. Neuroscientists say that we have around 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, but that 90% of them are the same ones as we had yesterday. What this means that the same thoughts create the same emotion that creates the same action, which gets the same results. So the cycle of creation repeats. And the words uttered regularly from the unconscious thought often include negative elements. In this modern society, such words are often misrepresented and misused, and they exist as powerful forces that can hurt or kill others. However, if we choose to use words well and consciously, it is possible not to wait for outside circumstances to change, and let them exist as a positive force that can change the current situation.


UitgeverijYuki Ioroi
Certificaat van echtheidInbegrepen

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Yuki Ioroi

3D Artist



Yuki Ioroi

3D Artist