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This is a framed original and unique oil painting on hard board. The artist always is in search of beauty and grace, mostly with abstract paintings, but with this artwork looking back to former famous artists like Boticelli, Domenico Venziano and Newton. In a landscape with water and birds he creates a picture of fantasy which may symbolize a dream of beauty and grace. The artwork is dated and signed on the front, additionally titled, dated and signed on the back The artwork has an old handmade wooden frame with silver and patina.

Look into his paintings and discover your soul: 

What composers do with music, poets with words, Volker wants to do with his paintings—trigger impulses that get the soul of the viewer to vibrate. 

Taught by his grandfather, the German painter Otto Gloßmann, Volker began with realistic paintings. However, since 1985, he has predominately done abstract paintings with references to abstract expressionism. He paints intuitively and emotionally: he wants to create images in the mind and in the heart of the viewer that capture the imagination of others. The art historian Gerhard Charles Rump about the artist:

“Volker's paintings in their combination of painterly gestures and visible structures of the colour mass are remarkable, the colours themselves, their tones. They move in rarely explored areas, do not jump at the viewer, but require sensitive approach and a willingness to see them with patience to see all traces of nuances. Images as they are dynamic in origin and have a form of inventory, that makes a meditative element.”


PublisherVolker Mayr
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

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