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Sunrise in Silicon Valley. We see a stylized industrial landscape and architecture silhouettes. The morning sky is very calm and promises a dynamic day. This very symbolic description shows us how intensively technologies are developing in the modern world. The microchip is now everywhere and can be compared with the building material of civilization.

Victor Aster is a contemporary Belarusian artist, creating abstract artworks in the author’s assemblage technique called `aster neoteric artefact`. Artist mixes a wide variety of industrial palette for self-expression: electronic waste, synthetic paint, impregnated fabric, rubber, metals, wood and other materials. Victor creates unique compositions based on the wreckage of civilization.

The author talks about his work: “For me, art is not only a way of expression but also a specific artefact, which is a concentrated symbol of the era in which I live. I am inspired by the idea that the art objects that I created will tell people the history of our civilization. I use electronic waste, as this material most vividly reflects modern reality saturated with micro-chips. I am a person who creates objects from materials created by a robot. I ultimately transform e-waste into fine art.


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