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About the work

NATURE = BRUTAL consists out of 5 pieces all made with fabric, spray paint, screenprinting and mirror cardboard. The background of NATURE = BRUTAL is a kind fabric of peaceful flowers. With this artwork we like to show the hard contrast in nature; innocent beauty vs. bloody cruelty. Not very often caused by mankind.


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About the artist

Trapd [Trapped] is an urban / street art duo based in The Netherlands that mainly works with textiles, cardboard, screen printing and spray paint. The mix of these techniques creates depth in the works. Contradictions are often central to their work. Cruelty to gentleness, guilt to innocence. Always with the aim of telling a story with challenging and exciting images.

Other work of Trapd

States of America
New Media, 53.5x85.5x4 cm (w/h/d)