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endless game 3/ 2020

Timea Tóthová

Closes from

8 May 2021 03:50

8 May 2021 03:50

Starting bid: € 50,-
Acryl on canvas
For sale
40x40x1.5 cm (w/h/d)

About the work

Original abstract painting from 2020. The Endless Game collection is my favorite game :-) My favorite game of shapes, colors, dots with a line. These are the forms that I draw automatically. For a long time I was unable to accept them .. they did not fit into real life .. into a life where what we know is acceptable - painting is beautiful when it is realistic .. let it look more like the life we see. let it be hypperealistic, etc .. but I am inspired by what is behind reality .. a game of structures of objects, forms in nature. simbióya many different forms of life. .. I am inspired by nature and life .. 


PublisherTimea Tóthová
FramedNot included

About the artist


I am a Hungarian artist from Slovakia. I grew up and live in eastern Sovensko, not far from Košice in Moldava nad Bodvou. I graduated from the University of UKF Nitra. And I tried a lot of work for a living ...

I was a waitress, a gag in an advertising agency, a teacher, an innkeeper, a factory worker, then I was an animator, a level designer 3D game, a wall painter with an airbrush ... while painting my paintings, looking for a way to express my designs also in jewelry. I paint, I draw, I design .. I hand-make designer jewelry from polymer material, silk scarves and my own paintings. 

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