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About the work

From the series “Flowers”


PublisherTania Serket
FramedNot included

About the artist

I am a Lithuanian photographer living in Vilnius. After studying music and painting at the Lithuanian Academies, I started working as an art editor in a publishing house, and later as a photographer in an interior design magazine. Since then, I have managed to release several authorial albums, including "Interior in Lithuania" and "Life Outside the City" about special and beautiful Lithuanian homesteads.

The first personal theme of the photography exhibition was also related to the interior. It was a “color life,” in which objects, spaces, and people merged into a color photographic fabric, as if the essence of each of them lay in color…

My last project “On the Black Wall” is the result of experimenting again with color and long exposure. The colors of the moving figure mix like on a canvas, creating the scenes …

 I regularly participate in group and personal exhibitions in Lithuania. I am a member of the Lithuanian Photo Artists' Union.  My works have also been exhibited in the galleries in the United States and France.

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