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About the work

Original painting by Susana Zárate BA (Hons)
Oil on canvas
This work is part of a series of paintings inspired by the poems of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, one of the most important Spanish-speaking poet of the 20th century. In his book "20 love poems and a desperate song" the poet places women as the protagonist of his thoughts speaking of love and lost, passion and nostalgia, with an incredible beauty that I would like to print on my canvas.
This painting is called "The last rose", inspired by poem number 8. ..".In my desert land, you are the last rose..."
I hope I inspire somebody to read some of the most beautiful love poems ever written.

Susana Zarate BA (Hons), works with a range of mediums and subjects from figurative, nudes, and animal portraits using oil and watercolours to abstract and semi-abstract landscapes using acrylics and mixed media. 

#paintingofwoman #womanportrait #oiloncanvaspainting #figurativeart


PublisherSusana Zarate

About the artist

Susana from a very young age showed an intense dedication to art in all its forms, from the drawing that she began to develop from her preschool age to sculpture, animation, and digital painting. This artist embraces any process and material that allows her to develop her artistic ideas. Its theme, however, is quite definite and focuses on women and their internal, emotional, and social problems. In her work, she includes topics such as gender violence, social repression, the internal conflict of women in their relationship as an individual entity, and as part of a social structure that has not yet managed to get rid of gender stereotypes that repress their development. 

Although art always remained an important part of her life she choose to study more “practical” careers, She studied her first degree “Business and Economics”, later her second degree “BEng Civil Engineering”. Susana worked in the consulting and informatics fields until 2000 when she started to study for her 3rd degree “Master in New Technologies” at the “Universidad Politecnica de Madrid”. This course was left unfinished when she decided to move to Barcelona to dedicate more time to her art and her family. Her skills allowed her to become a member of the acclaimed “Cercle Artistic de SantLluc” in Barcelona … whose members have included Picasso and Miro...  there she work in life drawing and oil painting and began sculpture in clay.
She moved to the UK In 2004 and she obtained her BA Hons at Northumbria University in 2010 after which He receives his diploma in 2010 after which he dedicates himself completely to painting. in 2011 he opens a gallery in the center of Newcastle upon Tyne, where he exhibits his work among other local artists. This experience lasted until 2013 when realizing that his time to paint is very scarce due to the time he has to dedicate to the attention of clients in the gallery and the administration she decided to close down the business and go back to her studio and expand his work, to sculpture, digital painting, and jewelry. She currently works from her studio in Newcastle upon Tyne with frequent visits to Barcelona, ​​(when the covid allows it)

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