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About the work

It would be nice that exists such a factory.


PublisherStanko Beroš
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About the artist

About my work

Light installation objects have been created during the period of over 25 years as a result of creative needs or rather personal satisfaction. Over time, that need has evolved into a passion and, finally, into purpose and procedure that suits my character and way of thinking, my need to create with my hands and my esthetic expression. The symbolism of this work is often universal, dealing with themes such as life, death, religion, hope, fear, sex, love, appearance, disappearance, and everything else we ask ourselves about. My creations are almost always inspired or made by the remnants from junkyards. The initial forms arise from those remnants and stay originally as they are or are transformed, through different procedures, into something else i.e. lighting objects. Those pieces found on junkyards, unlike modern objects, are made of metal, and their very design and original shape is enough interesting to me and worthwhile of preservation.

Coincidence plays important role in every piece – both in the process of finding it and creating it, as well as the notion that coincidence itself is a force of creation, even though it does not appear to be so. For the object – no matter if I found it or bought it on flee-markets – I have never known its final shape, or the symbolism it may finally convey, but I have sometimes had a hunch and tried to follow it. It must have been the thing that motivated me to pick that particular thing from the junkyard, together with my curiosity about what kind of shape and meaning it may take: those thrown away remains of once useful objects. Every piece is the unique one, I was made more than 250  unique pieces.

I  had two solo exhibitions and 6 group exhibitions.

Here are two reviews for those two exhibitions.



Looking at the opus of Stanko Beros so far, we can quickly spot a fantastic playfulness with shapes that in correlation with light create a unique and magical world interwoven with mnemonic and philosophical messages. A large amount of extraordinary luminous objects speak of an enviable creative range of this self-abnegating artist. I believe that Stanko Beros belongs to the elite class of Croatian artists. His lampichke (as Stanko and I use to call them, patting them) are actually multipurpose contemporary art objects which, each in its own way, talk about certain aspects of the author's attitude to life, which is very thought-out, measured, with a high dose of aesthetics, without the kitsch.

Stanko Beroš actually recycles discarded objects and pours new life in them, drawing their best out from them, respecting and not forgetting their original function. He approaches each object with great respect and understanding and, as some kind of a healer, he prolongs their life and delays their death and oblivion. In this way, Stanko Beroš gives us the answer to the problems of our time.

His work is not a one way street. Each of his lampichkas speaks to us in a different language. Through different techniques and materials, it speaks about extremely serious subjects such as faith, life, death, existence ... But he is at the same time witty, playful, infantile and freakish, which gives a large dose of humanity to his works. Most works are a combination of everything above mentioned. Actually, his sculptures aka luminous objects are readymades, combined into new contexts via minimal interventions.

Stanko's works have a usage component and can be experienced as lighting bodies, but it is difficult to reduce them to mere lamps which only produce home light. Most of them will work without electricity as well. Actually, the works possess superb sculptural dimension, and in its background we find a measured combination of good knowledge of fine art, incredible technical skills such as working with machinery (welding, grinding, cutting) and, of course, the knowledge of electrical engineering. Beros in his work uses discarded vacuum cleaners, televisions, pinball machines, cages or furnaces ... With the help of imagination and little gray cells, he shapes absolutely new values by artful combinatorics. He creates peculiar objects imbued with light which are equally decorative as literary, always in the context of questioning human freedom, in essence exploring the relationship between light and darkness, sense and nonsense, life and death.

Denis Krašković (Kraskovic)



(Poetic "Lumino-metalloid" phantasms of Dr. Beros)

Unusual procedures take place in the hidden, mysterious, basement laboratory / studio of Dr. Beros.

   Spaces are created for light. For "Lampičke" !!

   After collecting and procuring the necessary "raw materials" (parts), parts and ingredients with various imaginative and obscure methods, Dr. Beroš, like the modern Metaphysical retro-technological "Dr. Frankenstein, subjects them to seemingly rough procedures of disassembly, separation, reshaping, reshaping , cutting, adjusting, .. incorporating… .and then, in the pre-final phase-ASSEMBLING! .... of a new unity, “organism”.

   Well, in fact now, as the Painters would say - "give a gleam in the eye", in the supreme, final moment of "REVIVAL" by letting the electric current flow through the wires (veins !!) of his Objects, let the process of transformation, metamorphosis start. once a functional, purposeful and often banal object into a magical, artistic poetic Subject of Desire!

   The initiated processes are those by which the Light does NOT reveal, does NOT illuminate, but initiates the search for the "phenomenon of the Secret", the Secret in us and the world. Because, what is life, will there be a world without a secret? Just a mere number, chip, offered application? Typical programmed predictable product for "users" ??? (losers?)

  NOT!! Dr. Beroš's revived "LUMINO-METALOIDS" are in search (through these phenomenal creative research and laboratory processes), searching, .. in fact, uncompromisingly demanding the Greatest: LIFE itself and LOVE!

   Danko Friščić (Friscic)

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