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  • Year - 2016
  • Materials - watercolor,on paper,framed(29x29cm),ready to hang,free shipping
  • Status - For sale
  • Dimensions - 29x29x2 cm (w/h/d)
  • About the work

  • About the artist

watercolor,on paper,framed(29x29cm),ready to hang,free shipping

BORN; 1966 in  Bulgaria. EDUCATION; MFA in Printmaking-1995, at the Academy of Fine Arts-Cracow, Poland, in the Studio of Prof. Andrzej Pietsch. Works in the areas  of Painting, Drawing and Graphic Art. IMPORTANT INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS, BIENNIALS, TRIENNIALS AND OTHER SHOWS; Nearly 400 exhibitions around the world; Lincoln, Maastricht, Varna, Maribor, Toronrto, Taipei, Majdanek, Cracow, Wimbledon, Ibiza, Lubin, Philadelphia, Kanagawa, Lodz, Plovdiv, Sofia, Beogrd, Ljubljana, Cluj, Rijeka, Leskovac, Olkusz, Kolobrzeg, Carbunar, Kuala Lumpur, New York,  Cheju, Cairo, Pisa, Katowice, Wieliczka, Rosario, Busan, Livorno, Torun, Boguszow Gorce, Bitola, Thessaloniki, Kyiv, Gliwice, Oldenburg, Moscow, Evora, Pleven Timisoara, Istanbul, Elassona, Milano, Guanlan, Novi Sad, Sarcelles,X ativa, Aqui Terme, Bologna, Tarragona, Malbork, Guangzhou, Luxembourg, Tuzla... IMPORTANT INTERNATIONAL AWARDS AND GRANTS: 23 International Awards, Mentions, Diplomas                                  - 2003 - New York, The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, USA,                                            - 2007 - New York, The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, USA - 2016 - The 2016 American Art Awards, Category Cubism: Hollywood, LA, USA    Works and lives in Bulgaria, Europe. WORKS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS AND MUSEUMS; Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Belgium, Malaysia, Egipt, Kazakhstan, USA, Taiwan, Turkey, Macedonia ,Greece ,Italy, Serbia, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, e.c.t. Works sold to private collectors around the world; United States, Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, Mexico...


PublisherStanislav Bojankov

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Closes from
29 Jan 2021 15:11

Starting bid € 180,-
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