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Let us discover this city together!

Serghei Ghetiu
  • Year - 2021
  • Materials - Oil paints, stretched linen canvas
  • Status - For sale
  • Dimensions - 80x60x2 cm (w/h/d)
  • About the work

  • About the artist

A contrasting figurative artwork with crazy tempo of the city life in the background. It is always exciting to discover something new, like new places in the world. For lovers of contemporary figurative art. Professional paints on linen canvas.

Hi dear friends, my name is Serghei Ghetiu and I was born on January 1, 1976, in the small town of Soroca in Moldova. From an early age I was fascinated by modeling clay and drawing. My very first exhibition of my works in my life took place already in the nursery, later in the city house of culture. Drawing and painting fascinated me so that I had no doubts that I would study further. I attended an art school that I successfully graduated in 1991. Since the College of Fine Arts was in the capital Chisinau, and I was only 15 years old, I stayed at home. In the same year there was a misfortune, my father died, which also affected the family budget. Thoughts about going to college, living and studying in the expensive capital had to be left until better times. I went to serve in the army. From the first month of military service, I was noticed as an artist, since I made a couple of drawings for my colleagues. I was called to headquarters and I became a regimental artist. There were a lot of orders and I was very popular in my military unit. After the service, I was offered a permanent job in the capital as a graphic designer, but I refused because I decided that this would greatly limit my freedom and plans for the future. At the age of 21, I decided to enter the College of Fine Arts „Alexandru Plămădeală” in Chisinau, Moldova. And successfully passed the entrance exams. But after half a year I had to quit my studies due to financial difficulties. I decided to work and leave the painting as a hobby. At the age of 26 I entered the University again, but this time not as an artist but as a linguist. For practical reasons and a weak economic situation in Moldova, I decided to go for another specialty, because with computerization, artists have become unclaimed in the market. I was successful in my studies and received a scholarship to study in Germany. There I graduated from the university with a degree in German Philology and Communication. At the same time I, of course, painted and even sold my work on Ebay. After studying, I moved with my future wife to Lithuania, where I still live. Literally this move determined my profession as an artist. My solid knowledge of German philology was not needed without knowledge of the Lithuanian language, and painting came to the fore again. Since then I have been working as an artist and I love this work very much. My paintings are in many countries of the world, and I am not going to stop there. I constantly work on my skills, try and improve. My paintings hang in the galleries of Vilnius and Kaunas. But more of my clients are Americans, I can not even say for sure how many paintings are in the USA and in which states. And it is very nice! Art for me is primarily emotions, which I get in the process of work. As far as I remember myself back in my early childhood, I loved to visualize my feelings and moods that is why I paint everything without selecting one direction, since there are many things in this world that I want to capture in my paintings, whether people, nature or still lives. My love of detail does not complicate this perception at all, and my many years of experience in painting allows me to work quickly, without much searching, to solve the tasks in the painting. My paintings reflect my state of mind and emotions that is why they are so bright and saturated with detail. Education: 1986 - 1991 School of Arts, Soroca, Moldova Exhibitions: 1990 Exhibition of young Talents in the House of Culture, Soroca, Moldova, 2002 Gallery of Arts of Chisinau, landscapes of Moldova


PublisherSerghei Ghetiu
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

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