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  • About the artist

This is an assemblage made during lockdown this year, using a found section of plastic tubing, rubber hose and orange cord. While the materials and form led the process of making, using colour and light to emphasise structure and space, the title is also a reference to the unfolding situation.

Sam creates abstract assemblages incorporating found objects and materials, referencing domestic and architectural space. These low tech, mixed-media constructions combine a rhythmical, systematic design and geometric structure with softer, flexible elements that enable chance variations. Her working process is guided primarily by an intuitive response to the materials themselves, often leading to unexpected outcomes. These playful interactions, surprising and yet familiar, seek to create a sense of balance, building dynamic connections between materials and the surrounding space, animated through the use of colour, light and shadow.

Artworks are presented in photographic form, printed directly onto aluminium dibond for a minimalist finish that best highlights the unique character of each work.

Based in London, Sam started her practice over twenty five years ago, creating site specific public art installations, engaging local, often marginalised communities.  Arts facilitation has remained an important focus of her work, with an ethos of accessibility lying at its core.  Sam has been awarded public art commissions across the UK, exhibiting sculpture at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden in Surrey and the Southbank’s Royal Festival Hall.  These new ‘post lockdown’ artworks reflect her core values, with a resourceful and joyful celebration of sculptural form.


PublisherSam Haynes
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded
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