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About the work

This assemblage was made during lockdown last year, combining a glass lamp (no longer working) and recycled electrical wire. My work seeks to create dynamic connections, using found objects and materials to convey a sense of balance and tension.


PublisherSam Haynes
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About the artist

Sam Haynes is a mid-career visual artist based in London, working primarily with sculpture and public art installations. She is interested in physicality and materiality of forms, and the translation into a more accessible and friendly medium for a wide and diverse audience.

Her abstract, geometric assemblages often incorporate found objects and materials which aim to reference different domestic settings and architectural spaces. This is reflected in the physical and geographical adaptability of Haynes’s practise, in terms of exhibiting and installation.

Haynes has worked in arts facilitation for many years which continues to influence her artistic practise, engaging local, often marginalised communities with her public sculptural installations, which have included commissions for Amnesty International, Conran Restaurants and the deaf blind charity, Sense. As well as leading Arts Council funded projects she has exhibited interactive sculpture at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, and collaborative, site specific artwork at the Southbank’s Royal Festival Hall.

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