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Cattle ranching in game plains is not uncommon in parts of Africa. Zebras are such gentle souls, browsing alongside the cattle and wildebeest. Often used to a vehicle intruding, I love to see them amble pass un-nervous stopping midtrack sometimes to sniff the air. It takes a trained eye to see them in a haze as they blend in so well.
I was born in Tanga, Tanzania and educated by Loreto nuns in Nairobi. On leaving school I joined the Kenya Art Society College. I was encouraged by Dora Betts, a wonderful artist and dedicated teacher. It was Dora who fired my interest in life drawing - setting models on the platform, draping them with cloth or stripping them and filling the room with warm lights. My favourite model, ‘Tickie’, I remember well. I have been privileged to have lived in four African countries. From East Africa to Zimbabwe and on to South Africa. I am moved by the royal, feathered plumage of the Shangaan; the intricate beadwork of the Tonga bridal veil; the joyful dancing of the Gcaleka women – to name but a few. My work upholds the old cultures and is a tribute to the many tribes of Africa and the rich heritage of her wildlife and landscapes. My original work has been exhibited successfully in Dusseldorf (Germany), Florida (USA), London (England), Nairobi (Kenya, Harare (Zimbabwe) and in Cape Town (South Africa) where I am currently exhibiting at the famous V&A Waterfront and Groot Constantia Gallery. I invite you to view my original artwork on my website: What we have included on this site is our series of Limited Edition Fine Art Prints (only 100 certificates of authenticity per print will be issued).


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