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About the work


PublisherRonald Krivosheiw

About the artist

“In art, I express myself in a geometric and symbolic way, engaging myself in a mythical creation. This captures my background in graphic expression” Florida based artist, Ron Krivosheiw was born in 1944 in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in the bleak world of poverty. From this drab, urban landscape grew a love for color and geometric design. 

The path of Ron’s life initially led not to art, but to the graphic arts world. He began as a messenger at age 15 in a graphic arts company. He delivered jobs to the most prestigious art departments in the world. He was fascinated by the beauty he was exposed to everyday. His love affair with art began and he painted his first painting inspired by Mondrian. His mind never stopped creating which led him to invent a type os seamless gutter that he sold to Alcoa in 1969. 

With the money, he opened his own graphic arts company, Speed Graphics, which he grew into a $25 million dollar business that employed 350 people in the heart of Manhattans advertising district. His love for art grew while interacting with some of his famous clients, artists like Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol; photographers such as Sebastiâo Salgado and David Douglas Duncan and members of the entertainment field like Jim Henson who created “The Muppets”. Over the years, Ron’s creative and innovative spirit continued to flourish. In the mid 1980’s, Ron was instrumental in creating the first giclèe print on a very sophisticated machine called the Iris. He was also influential in developing permanent pigment inks which had great color saturation. 

Speed Graphics was the first company in the US to have the Durst Lamda and drum scanner that exposed photographic paper utilizing a laser beam which changed photography by making pictures sharper than before. In the early 1990’s, Speed Graphics purchased the first Indigo press in the US. The Indigo printing press was the first digital printing press in the world. After selling Speed Graphics in 1998, Ron was able to focus his energy and creativity into his first love, art. Influenced by Calder, Kandinsky and Miro he began to create.

Other work of Ronald Krivosheiw

Columbus Circle in NYC
Painting, 16x16 inch (w/h)
Prints, 14x18 inch (w/h)
Painting, 12x12 inch (w/h)
The Fish
Prints, 64x18 inch (w/h)
Number Two
Painting, 16x16 inch (w/h)
Men at Work
Illustration, 22x18 inch (w/h)
Work on paper, 29x29 inch (w/h)
Prints, 20x16 inch (w/h)
Prints, 30x22 inch (w/h)
Painting, 36x44 inch (w/h)