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About the work

The girl swimming under water with the jellyfish. 

The second part of the triptych. 


PublisherRita Pranca
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

Rita Pranca was born in 1970 in Latvia, where she get her art education in painting in Latvian Art Academy and where she lives now. She continues her education in ceramics to obtain Master degree in Arts. 

Artist takes part in international art shows, plain airs in different location and regularly organizes her one-artist shows. She participated in exhibitions in France, Germany, UK, Finland, Italy, Romania, Ukraine and Russia.

In Rita's paintings, plots are woven from the sea of ​​​sunlight and heat coming from it. In fact, this is how the artist herself shares with us her attitude to life. Rita's paintings are a leisurely conversation with herself. Smooth lines, unhurried movements. They envelop you and now you are already swaying on the waves of your hope for peace and tranquility in our huge disturbing world. You can even stay there and it will not only destroy you with its bliss, but on the contrary, will only give you strength on a new road.

Rita Pranca often collaborates with her partner - artist Andrejs.

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