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I am born (1980) and raised in the city of Enschede, in the east of the Netherlands, just a few kilometres from the German border. A city once known for its prosperous textile industry. 

After high school I moved to the hanseatic city of Kampen. Here I attended the Christian University of the Arts Constantijn Huygens, to study architecture. In my third year of college my hometown Enschede was struck by a terrible disaster. A fireworks warehouse, located in the middle of the city, exploded on a sunny Saturday afternoon. This event changed the course of my life drastically. I chose the arts. 

After graduating in 2005 I moved to Amsterdam. Here I lived for some years until I returned to my hometown Enschede in 2009. Most of my time was spend on a side job in a research company. Timewise, art became secondary, but was always primary in importance. During those years I graduated as an art teacher. 

In 2017 I left my home country. Out of love. The bustling city of Guiyang in China became my new home. I worked here as an art teacher for two years before taking the bold step to set up our own art business, named SXOOSH!ART. Timewise, art is now primary!


The other day I had this thought and wrote it down. It says: “Paint a pretty cat in a nice interior with a beautiful porcelain vase.” After writing this note down I Googled “human condition” and searched for pictures of broken vases.  

“The human condition is defined as the positive or negative aspects of being human, such as birth, growth, reproduction, love, and death. The word ‘condition’ makes it sound like a disease that we are all born with, or some curse that is the fate of all humanity, but it seems the human condition is simply based on time - the time we have on this planet and how we as humans live out that time. What we do in between the inevitable birth and death defines us, and there in the middle, we find the making of stories that will be carried on for generations to come.” 

I visualise my own personal stories with figurative paintings, architectural models, objects and sometimes drawings. Additional items and objects are added to create a more layered and diffused narrative. 

I mostly paint portraits, objects, sceneries. Things or figures that have a certain beauty to it. In a cartoonish style. Simplified. Not too complicated. Painted within a short time. I make architectural models out of all kind of materials. Well executed. Handmade. With many details. A time-consuming process. The models are like gateways. To escape from or to hide in. Figuratively speaking. 

My artworks are a result of endless scrolling on the internet, combining the gathered material with other gathered content matter. These materials are mostly images of good looking men, beautiful architecture, nice objects, pretty antiques and attractive images. 

I like viewers to recognize and enjoy what they see. Stimulate the eyes with bright and vivid colors. The works should look as attractive as possible. They should give you the feeling that you’re walking through a candy store, where everything smells sweet. 

Seeing it from my perspective, I have this eager need to make things look better, nicer, more innocent, less hostile, highly well executed, approached with a bit of humor, less depressing and more frivolous. This doesn’t automatically count for the subjects as well. 

But! I don’t want to be too explanatory about what viewers need to see. As the director Alfred Hitchcock has said: “Ideas come from everything”. 

You know, things that are joyful can very easily suddenly turn the other way round and things are not that innocent and playful anymore. It is up to the viewer how to see things. It is not my task as an artist to guide you. It is up to the viewer to look with attention. 


PublisherRick Fraterman
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

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