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Presence Behind the Halo

o k h o
  • Year - 2021
  • Materials - Cotton, Knives
  • Status - For sale
  • Dimensions - 50x70x2 cm (w/h/d)
  • Edition - 1/1
  • About the work

  • About the artist

Piece 1/3 of the "Chainsaws in the Amazon" collection.
"Presence Behind the Halo" portrays a scene of a nightmare I had which was located in the Amazon forest.
As a mysterious figure armed with a chainsaw keeps following me, I am adventuring deep in the heart of the Amazon in search of answers.

I was born in Russia and raised in Italy in a tiny city inside of Modena.
I started as a musician at the age of 15; I've published a vast catalog of releases under the names: o k h o, FKA 059, and many more - and I still do to this day.
I arrived at a point where I needed more ways to express myself, so my experiment with painting has begun.


Publishero k h o
FramedNot included

Other work of o k h o

Painting, 40x60x2 cm (w/h/d)