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This is a sculpture cast in Jesmonite, an acrylic-modified gypsum composite, which feels heavy and solid. The figure is finished with metal powders, varnishes, and earth pigments with an absolutely beautiful result. This torso of a woman is both abstract and expressionistic, the shape very female and graceful. It will look exquisite in any home interior. It will be securely packaged and sent within 3 days and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This sculpture is only one of ten which will be produced.

In my free time I love to paint and recently make sculptures. My paintings can be any subject, but the end result will be colourful and often abstract. I try not to be too literal in my presentations, so that people can follow their imagination. My sculptures focus on the female body and I try to show more the shapes and the expression of the female body, than purely realistic representations. I am happy to do commissions as well. I was born and brought up in the Netherlands, but have lived now for 20 + years in the UK. My passion for painting started actually when I moved to England. The beautiful landscape inspired me to start with watercolor, but I slowly moved to acrylics, which is a very versatile medium. It dries quickly, which I use to go over the painting again, adding new colourful forms and shapes. I work in general from images in my head, but also use photos for the initial idea of my painting, which will develop entirely into a new, mostly abstract artwork. I like to paint with a lot of colours and acrylic mediums to create a textured, lively and interesting painting. My studio is my creative haven, with all my paintings around me to inspire me for more work! Less


I am a retired translator/teacher and have worked as much as possible on my paintings for the last few years.


- 2017 Malvern Theatre Exhibition:

- 2018 Lumiarts Gallery Pimlico London:


PublisherNineke Havinga
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

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