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About the work

Bloom. Time to bloom. Shipping cost are an indication


PublisherNathalie Tappin
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About the artist

My name is Nathalie Ayesha Tappin, 39 years old and I am a painter, illustrator and graphic designer. I was born in Barbados and grew up in Rotterdam, where my mother kept a gallery. This exposed me to different artists from the age of five. Influences of these artists can still be found in my work, such as work by Leo de Jong, Ilene Themen and Carlos Blaaker. I studied Creative Communication in Rotterdam, followed the orientation year at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and followed a Graphic Design course at the MK24 in Amsterdam. My style is edgy, funky, a little crazy and often humorous. I work with different painting and drawing techniques such as acrylic, ink, pencils, coloured pencils, chalk, watercolour and love to collage in inventive ways. When I am painting I let the paint do the talking and just play around until I feel I captured the right balance and emotion.

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