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This painting is part of the original Tourlicoulis series. This is my early work. It is created with oil markers on canvas. My first creative endeavors birthed small, whimsical characters, called Tourlicoulis, that 'bloomed', into vibrantly colorful paintings, some small, some extremely large, all dense with activity, where individually disparate characters vie for attention. The Tourlicoulis, a compellingly kinetic adventure in abstraction, is my signature work, evoking a mythical,
"Creation is infinite. It revolves around my emotions like gentle waves of lights. There will always be some tender hearts to move." Nathalie Gribinski is a French-American established painter and draftsman based in the US, whose works have been exhibited internationally. Having formerly trained to be a lawyer, she discovered her passion for art upon a move from Paris to Chicago, where studying graphic art soon led to a creative revelation and a new path forward. While Gribinski doesn't seek out set themes, her work does naturally contain repeated symbols or ideas such as generosity, love, humor, and spirit. Her paintings showcase powerful emotions, vibrant colors, and thoughtful expressions of human complexity.


PublisherNathalie Gribinski
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