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Mr She is an expressionist artist driven by very strong oxymoronic- feminine & masculine manifestation that got unfolded in her life as beautiful experiences of extremes. For the past twenty years, Me She has been designing and branding businesses and spaces together with her partner, the talented industrial designer Yair Cohen. Creativity along with design; understanding objects and spaces and their combinations and interactions; the meaning of images and their combinations; materials, words and textures; all these are the basis for the type of art that Mr She worked and delivered.


PublisherMr She
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Other work of Mr She

Let's Talk Art
Painting, 94x69 cm (w/h)
Oh Boy -Eye for Your Eye
Painting, 62x62 cm (w/h)
I'M Shy
Painting, 100x134 cm (w/h)
Lost But Found
Painting, 98x148 cm (w/h)
I'M The 1
Painting, 77x80 cm (w/h)
My Way
Painting, 150x95 cm (w/h)
Painting, 122x80 cm (w/h)
Talk To Me
Painting, 128x92 cm (w/h)
Out of the Box
Painting, 95x127 cm (w/h)
I'M No. 1
Painting, 96x164 cm (w/h)