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PublisherMira Satryan

About the artist

MIRA SATRYAN    Biography

Mira Satryan, a Polish-American painter, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow with a Master of Arts degree. After graduation, she worked as a designer. Her focus back then was on posters. Among other awards, she won the 2nd prize for her Krakow Restoration poster. With the passing of time, she made up her mind and chose painting to be the dominant form of her artistic expression. Since then (i.e., since circa 1975), she has been painting, actively participating in open air workshops, art symposium events and art shows. Her works are presented at many well known galleries in Europe and America. The artist’s works can be found in the collections of the Katowice BWA Gallery (Galeria BWA), Katowice- Museum, Raciborz Galeria, Galeria BWA Katowice, Cracow Gallery, to mention just a few. Since 1991, she has been living in New York, where she paints and successfully exhibits her works in the local galleries. She received the Certificate of Excellence awarded by the Soho International Art Competition, Agora Gallery. Her most recent individual exhibition took place Cracow, Poland in September 2010. She takes active part in group exhibitions, most recent one being the 12th Annual WAH Salon (Art Club Show) at the turn of January and February of 2011. She is a member of this club and is presently taking part in the New Century Artists Gallery International Exhibition in Chelsea, Manhattan. In May of this year, she will be presenting her art at the N.A.W.A. 122nd Annual Exhibition. She is a member of the North American Women’s Association as well as a member Artes Group, a group of Polish Artists in New York (she actively participates in their exhibitions). She participates in Art Expo NY 2017 /April 21 - 24, 2017/, NAWA- Annual Exhibition, August 22 to Sept.14, 2017,/ Soho Gallery/, Red Dot Miami, Fl- Exhibit,/ Dec. 6 -10,2017/, represented by IAE-London Gallery, Exhibition art-expo: CONFLUENCE,2018 in New Delhi, India, /Jan.13-18,2018/, 19th Annual WAH Salon /Jan. 20-Feb.18, 2018 / Art Expo NY, 2018,/ April 21-24,2018 /, Summer Fine Art Exhibition-London, 508 Gallery Chelsea /August 22- September 3rd, 2018 /

Selected Exhibitions:  130th Annual Member Exhibition /Tribeca, New York / Sep - October, 2019,    International Show, Germany, 2019,    Scope Miami /Art Basel/, Florida, December, 2019,     Los Angeles, Art Show, February 2020,     WAH- Center,Annual Show, February08-March08, 2020,       Osten Skopje, Biennale of Drawing Skopje, October 2020...

Her works can also be found in galleries, museums and privately owned collections in Poland, the USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, England, Italy, India-Eterne Gallery, South Korea and many other countries, including the collection owned by the previous Mayor of New York City, Rudolph W. Giuliani.


Mira Satryan       Artist  Statement

      My painting is a message evolving around emotions, eternal to some degree, primary, one could say... It is the fascination, the ability to perceive and experience beauty, a union of most intimate experiences and emotions, the 

fascination with nature as well as with a relatively relationship with another human being. 

  I express in my painting the concerns and risks that result from a fleeting structure of circumstances defining our everyday lives. 

  Painting is the realm of communicating expression and emotionality that are a common theme of sorts in my paintings - the awareness of impermanence. 

  Sometimes my painting has a dramatic form, emphasized with a contrast color of varying intensity of the hue. The structure of our existence is very fleeting and frail; it takes an effort to cultivate it... Our experiences 

are ephemeral and transitory... and everything passes irrevocably.

Other work of Mira Satryan

Look down
Painting, 12x12x1.3 inch (w/h/d)
Painting, 12x12x1.4 inch (w/h/d)
Eternity in Space
Painting, 12x24x1.4 inch (w/h/d)
Exit Over
Painting, 18x18x1.3 inch (w/h/d)
Not spoken
Painting, 12x12x1.4 inch (w/h/d)
Shift 5
Painting, 12x12x1.4 inch (w/h/d)
Opposite 2
Painting, 30x30x1.5 inch (w/h/d)
The Other Day 3
Painting, 12x12x1.4 inch (w/h/d)
Dangerous Relationship
Painting, 16x20x0.75 inch (w/h/d)
Painting, 30x36x1.4 inch (w/h/d)