Old Man Opening A Can
Work on paper, 41x56x3cm (w/h/d)
Family Portrait III - The Savannah Years
Work on paper, 55x38cm (w/h)
Old Man, Seated
Painting, 30x30x3cm (w/h/d)
Art And Alcohol Are The Only Sane Responses To Life
Illustration, 30x21cm (w/h)
"The Sea! The Sea!"
Painting, 7x11x0.1cm (w/h/d)
Passing Consciousness
Painting, 37.6x27.5cm (w/h)
Hugging The Blackthorn
Painting, 7.7x12.7cm (w/h)
The Spirit Of Self-Reflection
Painting, 36.5x27.5cm (w/h)
Young Man Telling An Old Man About The World Outside
Work on paper, 21x15cm (w/h)
Man With A Ball Of Soil
Work on paper, 25x30x3cm (w/h/d)
Painting, 38x28cm (w/h)
An Uncanny Landscape
Painting, 154x177x5cm (w/h/d)
Soldier Smoking
Painting, 29x32x3cm (w/h/d)
You Are A Small Flame In The Darkness
Painting, 27x32x3cm (w/h/d)
Ship Of Fools
Painting, 22x16cm (w/h)
A New Arrival
Sculpture, 150x174x80cm (w/h/d)
The Boy With The Golden Crab
Painting, 12x15cm (w/h)