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About the work

The Peach Perfect Wall Sculpture is from of the Erotica Fruit Series. The concept uses fruit as a vehicle for incorporating sensuality with just a touch of sexuality. It is made from American alder stained satin red. Hardware for attaching to the wall is included along with mounting instructions. The weight of the work is approximately 77kg/35 lbs. The sculpture ships in a full wood crate FOB Albuquerque, NM 87114, USA. 



PublisherMark Levin

About the artist

Mark Levin, sculptor & art furniture maker

"I like working simple, soft, sensual forms where the interplay of curves and movement create the core of my aesthetic, much of which is based on nature’s small wonders, flowers, leaves and fruit as well as the female form".

Mark Levin builds with solid wood for its intrinsic value, virility, and rapidity of execution. Surprisingly, the grain and beauty of the wood have little influence in the design conception for he visualizes new designs in matte black. Levin believes that if a piece has presence and dignity while camouflaged in black, the design will carry the soul and only then the wood’s beauty will manifest the personality.

Mark builds much of his work using the stack lamination process where smaller pieces of wood are glued together to form much larger pieces that he refers to as "blanks". This stack lamination process provides strength, scale, endless artistic possibilities. Once the blank is completed; he roughs out the work with chainsaws and automobile disk grinders. As the final form emerges, he tapers to more delicate power tools and finally hand tools to define the details and the perfectly baby-butt smooth curved surfaces.

Levin learned woodworking through the industrial arts program in junior high school and had his first commission, a blanket chest, while a high school senior. At college, he studied under Bobby Falwell, a graduate student of Wendell Castle. Immediately upon graduating college he opened his first shop in Evanston, Illinois. After a few detours and going down several one-way streets the wrong way, he set up a new shop in 2012 in Albuquerque, NM.

Mesa Arts Center, 40th Annual Crafts Exhibition, Mesa, AZ, 2019
Custom Woodworking & Design Portfolio, 1st Place Specialty Furniture, Handel Leaf Desk, Chicago, IL, 2013
Furniture with Soul, Featured Artist, Devon, England, 2011
Cincinnati Art Museum: Outside the Ordinary, Cincinnati, OH 2009
Mint Museum, Autumn Leaf Table, Permanent Collection, Charlotte, NC2007
HGTV Modern Masters, Featured Artist, Denver, CO 2006
Materials Hard and Soft, Denton, TX 2006 & 2019
American Crafts Exhibition, Evanston, IL, 2006
Smithsonian Fine Craft Show, Washington D.C., 2005
SOFA Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2005, 2006, 2008
American Crafts Council Show Juror, New York, NY, 2004
Marigold Arts, One Man Show, Santa Fe, NM 2002
NICHES Award 1st Place Furniture, Baltimore, MD 2002 and 2003


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