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About the work

The collage is a surreal representation of a woman and a squirrel, the big qusestion is what he did or didn't do.

The collage consists of multiple, hand-cut vintage images  that have been put together in a surprising way. After this, the design was photographed and digitally processed. 

The collage is printed on demand on a choice of high-quality canvas framed with a black frame or on 3mm glossy acrylic glass, with a dibond back wall and hanging system. 

The available sizes are:

  1. 50 x 75 cm  395,- (canvas or acryl)
  2. 60 x 90 cm  595,-(canvas or acryl)
  3. 120 x 80 cm 795,-(canvas or acryl)


PublisherMarga de Waard
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

I am self-taught. I discovered my creativity through correspondence with an artist in Germany. We wrote to each other  in fable form. We added small objects to the letters, which became bigger and bigger. They became collages in which we took  utensils out of context and put them together in an unexpected way. This led to a series of successful exhibitions in the Netherlands and Germany in the 1990s. In my portfolio is the list of all the assignments I have done afterwards.

I make light-footed design with a nod to reality. I do this  still by taking materials out of context and combining them in an unexpected way. This resulted in the redesign collaboration (furniture & lamps), in a series of collages and objects. I also use my creativity for social projects. For example, a shop window project in a deprived neighborhood and at  a project  for the probation service. At one point I also started writing short stories that I published in my book Fifty! and later in my online magazine Marga's Magazine.

I have had various exhibitions, sold my redesign in local shops and carried out a series of social projects for the municipality in particular.

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