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When I was first exposed to Aboriginal art I was blown away. It spoke to me. I soon started to experiment with dots, made them smaller. I enjoy doing these dotted works although they are very labor intense. It is very soothing and meditative. The whole canvas is filled with small dots, all slightly raised and tactile.

I was born and raised in Schleswig-Holstein in the north of Germany, where I grew up in the 1950's.  As a young teenager I was exposed to Emil Nolde's art. His bold colors and motives impressed me greatly.

After High School I studied at the “Muthesius Werkschule” in Kiel where I learned the basics of drawing, color mixing and combination, composition, expressive drawing and various techniques which are still the basis of my work today. My husband and I met at “Muthesius Art Academy” where he studied Textile Design. Seeking to expand opportunities in his profession took us to South Africa as a family where we put down roots and have lived for the past fifty years.

When I entered my fifties I found something lacking in my life and it took me a while to figure out what was missing and when I finally did I was sure that I wanted to paint generous pictures with total freedom to express, falling back, building and expanding on what I learned as a young student at “Muthesius Art Academy” so many years ago.

This process is still continuing today even after decades. I am enjoying to experiment and try something new, getting my inspiration from the natural world around me - shapes and textures which appear on the canvas in its essence, often completely abstracted and transformed through colors of my own choosing. This allows viewers their own interpretation how it speaks to them.

When I was first introduced to Aboriginal Art it left a profound impression on me and I soon started to experiment with dots. I always come back to an “odd dot” picture and believe to have made it all my own now.

The journey continues with its joys and agonies that all creative people know and I am hoping to take you, my viewers, along for the ride.


PublisherMaren Scharein
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