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About the work

A rare sight in Greenlands mountain landscape. Usually hidden, a few mountain peaks escaped the ceiling of clouds.


PublisherMarcus Feindt
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

Marcus Feindt has spent over a decade capturing mystified abstract and narrative images of our world.

He is a self-taught travel and landscape photographer with formal training as a pilot. The passion for aviation and motion has led him to shoot in extraordinary locations, capturing an unparalleled perspective of the world around him.

Encouraged by the technical benefits of the era of digital photography, he experimented with different techniques to explore various styles, liberated from focusing on one particular field. As a result, the body of his work embraces an eclectic mixture from macro to astro: large-format cityscapes, panoramic landscapes and urban views, long-exposure photography and fine art architectural photographs. Feindt's mesmerising third dimension photography, paired with his rare view of life on earth, is yet most distinctive. This unique position secures him recognition amongst the next generation of great German photographers to come.

Marcus Feindt was born in Ludwigslust, Germany in 1984. He currently lives in Hamburg.

With ‘Airspaces’, Marcus Feindt gives his international debut, showing us the unseen of his daily life in the clouds.

"Marcus Feindt - Airspaces" is available for visit at De Mimi's Gallery, Prinsengracht 380-H Amsterdam from June to September 2021.


“I wouldn’t describe myself as an artist. It’s more about putting a smile on your face.

As a pilot I am lucky to capture our world from a unique perspective. These beautiful moments of nature, people and cities deserve it to be shared with you."


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