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Antiqued with citric acid, brushed by hand, and furthermore coated with transparent varnish it contains more than 200 writes engraved and enameled one by one by hand. The slab is inlaid with other 24 stainless steel inserts ( the words - The World, the compass rose, cardinal points, and the names of the oceans). The 24 steel inserts are engraved and hand-polished too. Overall all metals worked are fixed on a special light wood or oak panel painted wengè.

The world is the most incredible artwork donated to men. My passion is to create artistic metal world maps with techniques, materials, and technologies used to create real jewelry.

 ITAS  it’s just the acronyms of  Italian  Technologies  Art  &  Style. It has now practically become the stage name of Marco Terni Poletti.

Marco is an expert technician with more than 25 years of experience gained in jewelry technologies and high technological machinery so creating wall decorations of the extreme luxury, Itas ( Marco) started to receive the first orders from some interior designers studios. So also thanks to collaborations with open mind architects that started to include our art maps in their projects, allowed Marco to sell his art on commission.

It was the first time that the maps could be reinterpreted in real wall jewels. Jewels not to wear but dedicated to the places we live in, as a tribute to the beauty of the world. Considering every part of the earth as an amazing jewel started the idea to apply the Jewelry art to maps.

Maps of the world and other parts of the earth represented in a new way. A new modern materic art where are blended with an exclusive mix of creativity, technologies, natural materials, extreme workmanships, engraved metals, and 24k gold. if you want to know more visit the website.


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