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About the work


PublisherManlio Di Gioia
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

ManlioDi Gioia, was born in Turin, Italy on the 15th August 1940. Manlio has worked and lived in Sicily for nearly 55 years, with his wife and family, around the outskirts of Messina. He has been inspired by the landscapes and images from his life in Italy but also his travels to different countries around the world.

In his work,  his artistic creativity is evident.  This is clearly manifested through the use of contrasting chromatic effects with harmony and the attention to detail.  In each work, there is an element of soft plasticity, which is surfacing throughout his work.  These effects are the individual expression of Di Gioia, the artist.

Each painting represents his personal and spontaneous interpretation of the physical space,  both in landscapes  and his imaginative world, using abstract form and glorious colour.

The paintings are made on MDF or Wood, which are treated with “Cementite” (front and back of the MDF and/or wood tablets) to protect the work from possible environmental damages, which are due to changes in temperature and conditions in the environment such as  humidity, mould, heat, cold, etc.  The artist uses only oil paint and the pretreatment of the MDF and/or wood allows the oil paint to penetrate deeply,  giving a long lasting life to the work.

The author’s techniques can be appreciated by zooming into the picture where the viewer can appreciate the artist’s diverse and unique painting techniques.

Other work of Manlio Di Gioia

Il bosco
Painting, 30x40 cm (w/h)
I cipressi
Painting, 30x32 cm (w/h)
Painting, 30x40 cm (w/h)
Il silenzio della natura
Painting, 30x40 cm (w/h)
Gli Amanti
Painting, 37x60 cm (w/h)
Dopo la pioggia
Painting, 40x30 cm (w/h)
Venezia - Le due Suore
Painting, 26x38 cm (w/h)
Dean Country Park - Scozia
Painting, 30x40 cm (w/h)