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Gathering in a Strange World

Watercolor, gouache, pen and ink on paper
40x30 cm (w/h)
On hold

About the work

This artwork is part of the series Strange Worlds. 
The artworks in the Strange Worlds series revolve around the idea of different worlds, dimensions, and Living forms. The recognizable figures suggest the potential of other life forms and dimensions, even though they may appear to be bodies that have been abstracted from the human body. These pieces of art are intended to play with the idea of plausibility, portray the future, and explicitly allude to well-known science fiction movies.

Mixed Media work: color pencils, watercolor, gouache, pen and ink, on acid free paper (300g/m2), without frame, covered with a protective layer of varnish.

About the Artist:

For Luna Ljus,  art is a tool to disconnect from the moment, process emotions, and return to the present with more energy and focus. She explores new ideas and possibilities by showing literary, fictional, and (art) historical topics in an abstract way with bright colors. Most of her works deal with the subject of transformation. This is portrayed as a major physical, emotional, or historical change or transition. It is often a symbol of a new beginning or a clean slate. It can also be seen as a metaphor for the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Her work is inspired by mythology, science fiction, and art history._  

She  often uses strong, contrasting colors  to give a sense of movement and energy. Her watercolor and mixed-media paintings often have geometric and organic shapes, as well as dreamlike patterns that hint at other worlds. In her work, people, animals, and other recognizable shapes and symbols should appear when color fields and lines interact. 

My aim is to make your walls come alive with the energy of my art.

 Luna Ljus