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About the work

New serie in progress about the symbolism of primary color RED

Stamped and signed by artist


PublisherLía García
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

Spanish artist (1966) 

She studied at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo CAC-Málaga a specialization in contemporary photography and at the University of Málaga Photography as Therapy and recently a specialized course taught by the Moma Museum in New York. In addition to experimenting with performance at the Pompidou in Malaga under the direction of Catherine Baÿ. Also working on photolithography and photoengraving. Influenced by the great masters of painting like Caravaggio, Vermeer, Ribera and Zurbarán,  she tries to provoke an emotional exchange with the spectator. Her work involves subjects of an intimate nature, covering topics mainly on women, identity and time of those she has created a particular iconography focuses on symbolism.  She belongs to the generation "hinge" between analog and digital photography, directing all my efforts towards the new technologies of the image that allow me to carry out ideas and creative projects. 

Solo and group expos in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. Her works belongs to public and private collections worldwide (USA, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc).

Among the publications, I would highlight the books "Indómitas Reasons" Contemporary Art and Feminism of the XXI Century, "lovesong" self-published and "The disturbing beauty" published by the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving.

At the same time, she worked for various European publishing agencies, and collaborated in projects related to artistic education; "In perspective" and "Artists in the Classroom" in which artists, teachers and students from kindergarten to high school participate.

Other work of Lía García

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