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About the work

- archive photo from 1930, representing people skating on Cismigiu Lake in old Bucharest

- developed and photomanipulated in the darkroom

- chromatic intervention

  • Unique artwork


PublisherJustinian Scarlatescu
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

I was born in 1977, in Romania. I studied at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. 

In the art I practice, I combine my training as painter with photographer and drawing artist. The technique used for processing images is unique. I use the analog device, manually developing the photographies on canvas, wood and recycled paper.

Work technique:

My work technique has been defined in time, starting with the experimentation of photography and painting. Trained as painter, but with a curiosity towards photography and the classic darkroom photography, I wished to combine in my art the two techniques in order to bring the photography in the area of the unique. Therefore the technical process is based on liquid photo emulsion and different technical additions from the typography area, practically a mix between black and white photography development, darkroom manipulation and art intervention.

Each photography developed this way on handmade paper, canvas or wood has visual particularities unrepeatable, therefore becoming unique.



2016    Arhe’, Kulturama Gallery, CURATOR Madalina Mirea, Bucharest, RO

2013    Fragments, World Bank venue, Bucharest, RO

              Inter-war Bucharest, Colloseum Hall – Bragadiru Palace, Bucharest, RO

2012    Flowers and florists in Bucharest, Romanian Cultural Institute, Budapest, Hungary

2011    Ti Amo - ROBERTO'S, Athenee Palace Hilton Hilton, Bucharest, RO

              Flowers and florists in Bucharest – Romanian National Village Museum, Bucharest, RO

2010    Fluid Morning, Gold Art Gallery and Hilton Art club, Hilton Bucharest, RO



2021    Exploring Art & Nature,  Domeniul Ion Ghica, Ghergani, RO

2017    Sympathy and meaning. Before the vertical labyrinth and behind the red line,  

              curator Anca Mihulet, National Library of Romania, Bucharest, RO

2016     Colonia 21, T.Pallady Gallery, Iasi, RO

2015 / 2016   Art Safari, Bucharest, RO

2015    RED, Cultural Space GALLERY, Bucharest, RO

2014     Add to Address Book, by Mirela Trăistaru - Museum of Young Art Vienna, AT

              Urban Solitary, Curtea Veche Museum, Voievodal Palace, Bucharest, RO

2013    Black & White, Mario Plazza Dorobanți venue, Bucharest, RO

2012    Art Exhibition for the official opening of the National Library of Romania, Bucharest, RO

2011     Moldavia Hall, Frunzetti Gallery, Bacău, RO

               Art and its scent, Pour femme by Dorin Negrau, The Ark, Cafepedia, Bucharest, RO

               In the meantime – flowers and florists in Bucharest, Romanian National Village Museum, RO

      analog @ B'ESTFEST, Bucharest, RO

2010     Arts in Bucharest, Visual Arts Center, Bucharest, RO

              Photography Hall, Frunzetti Gallery,  Bacău, RO

              9+1 (painting, drawing, photography), Visual Arts Center, Bucharest, RO

              Why the black is not white, Actionfields Gallery, Bruxelles, BE  

2009    BBC, Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca, RO

              Atelier 35 - Bacău, „Alfa” Galleries, Bacău, RO

              7 Actual size (painting, sculpture, object, drawing), Visual Arts Center, Bucharest, RO

              "Contemporary Challenges", VERONIKI ART Gallery, Bucharest, RO      

2008    SEVEN (Painting and photography), UAP Gallery, Bacău, RO

              Exhibition of the creation camp “Colonia 21”, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, RO

              Accent, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, RO

              Exhibition of the creation camp “Colonia 21”, “George Enescu” Museum– Tescani, RO

2007    Exhibition “Colonia 21”, UAP Bacau, RO

2004    Romanian-Italian cultural event in Recanati, photography exhibition, City Hall Gallery, Recanati, Italy  

2002    Exhibition of The Academy graduates, Parliament Palace venue, Bucharest, RO

              Exhibition of The Luceafărul Art Academy graduates, Etaj Gallery  

              3/4, National Theater, Bucharest, RO

             Bucharest Municipal Hall, Alternatives, Exact connections, Dalles Hall, Bucharest, RO

2000    T.I.A.V., International Visual Arts Fair, Bucharest, RO

              National Hall of Modern Art, “C.Brâncuși” venue, Romanian Parliament, Bucharest, RO

1998    Exhibition, “Accente” competition, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, RO

              Exercises, Galla Gallery, Bucharest 1997 - Exhibition – competition, RO

             “Young Painters”, “Dominus” Gallery, Bucharest, RO

1997    Exhibition, “Accente” competition, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, RO

              Personal exhibition, “I,L. Caragiale” High School, Ploiești, RO

1996    Ten, UAP Art Gallery – Ploiești, RO

              Exhibition – competition of The National Art Olimpics, Galați, RO

1995    Ten, Escrenes, FR



2001    Cosmogonflabil (object-installation), Galla, Bucharest, RO

2000    "Unpack yourself!” (ap-art), unconventional space, RO

              Photography exhibition, Dav-33 Gallery, Ministry of Culture, RO

              “Little Prince” Festival (graffiti, performance, object), Satu – Mare, RO

1999    Black-light, Galla, Bucharest, RO




2014 – 2021     Creation Camps for both students and teachers, leading teacher, RO

2014    Colonia 21 - Dunăvătul de jos, RO  

2008 - 2016 Tescani - Colonia 21, RO

2010     Colonia 21, Brăila, RO

2007     Colonia 21, Bistrița, RO

1999     Creation Camp, “ Letea ” Paper Factory venue, Bacău, RO



2017    Sympathy and meaning, Text Anca Mihulei

2016    In the light of seeking, Arhe’ exhibition Catalogue, text Madalina Mirea

2015    Secret places of art, Colonia 21 Catalogue, text Anca Mihulet

2011    Art and its scent, Pour femme by Dorin Negrau, text Alexandra Furnea

2010    The exercise of sight - Maria Magdalena Crişan - Iaşi / Printco Publishing House, ISBN  

              978- 973-7698-07-0, Page: 347;

2009    Catalogue – COMTEMPORARY CHALLENGES – edited BY Drăgan European Foundation, Veroniki Art Gallery, February - March 2009;

2009    Time Out – Contemporary challenges- Cristina Radu -  February 9th  

              Cultural Observatory - Contemporary challenges-, Maria Magdalena Crişan – February 6th No:640    




2019   Mural painting of the holy water chamber inside Saint Andrew's Church, Ploiesti

2018   Graphic design for the catalogue of “Tudor Banus - Retrospective” exhibition, Museum of Art, Timișoara

2017   Graphic design for Colonia 21 Catalogue

2017   Graphic design for the catalogue of “Encounters in printed pages” exhibition, Romanian National Museum of Art

2014    Painting the iconostasis of the altar in Saint Serafim of Sarov  Church- Băicoi, Prahova;

2013   Colloseum Hall restoration, Bragadiru Palace, Bucharest;

2013   Environmental interior design in the eclectic style for Bragadiru Palace in Bucharest;

2012    Organizing painting and new media courses for students in personal studio since 2012;

2012   Painting the iconostasis of the altar in Saint Policarp Chapel in Ploiești;

2010    Designing the graphic concept, layout and photography for the retrospective catalogue of painter Teodor Moraru;    

2007 - 2011 Advertising Photography and graphic creation;    

2005    Decorating the altar of the Catholic Church “Dio Padre” of the penitentiary in Rome, icoana - Rebbibia, Italy.


Other work of Justinian Scarlatescu

Painting, 30x40x2 cm (w/h/d)