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About the work

Often said to have a strange bald head and a very long beard. He is known for his longevity and is an auspicious being. 

Fukurokuju is said to inhabit the same body as the god, Jurōjin, which is why I felt it important to place him in a more figurative representation of their “home.” 

Blessings, truly, upon you. 


PublisherJordana Rae Gassner
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

b. 1976 (USA) Bachelor of Arts; Independent international artist residing in Germany. Contemporary Abstract Expressionism conveyed through oil and canvas focus.

Jordana Rae Gaßner was born in the Black Hills in South Dakota, USA and attended La Universidad de las Americas in Mexico City, Mexico, the University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway and Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in 1999. Throughout her teens, while on stage acting and in front of cameras modeling professionally, she discovered she’d prefer being a creator and facilitator of her own artistic vision. Via a family-owned gallery and picture framing business, she learned how to take care of her own and other people’s artworks in an archival way and since then, she’s spent countless hours gaining advisement and direction on drawing and oil painting materials. JR's works thus far, nourish a continuation of a strong American tradition of dialogue between human existence and consciousness using spontaneous gestural marks, broad swaths of paint, multiple layers, sometimes easily seen and sometimes practically invisible.  Her works can thus far be found in private collections in New York, Miami and Europe.

Biography photo by Andreas Fuchs

Photos of artworks by Tobias Büttner unless otherwise noted.

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