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The second of my sandcastles paintings. Less distant and more involved than the first, with more life and warmth. The substance is essentially the same but a little more 'ambitious'. The last image (for texture) presented was taken in the artist's studio under natural light conditions and on a dull day.
When I was at Art college studying Illustration back in the early 90's I was told that I didn't know whether I was a painter or an illustrator. I never really got past and though I didn't go into making art commercially, I've not stopped making art. I enjoy what I do but this pastime is in addition to a full time (non art) day job, so low level production! High quality work though, imaginative and executed with the skills of any good professional painter. The works exhibited here should also have an appeal to kids! As well as to the kids in us.


PublisherJon Britten
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