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My studio is situated in the West of Ireland in a region of remarkable beauty called the Burren. It’s a karst landscape of bedrock with a vast cracked pavement of glacial-era limestone, with cliffs and caves, fossils, rock formations and archaeological sites. I spend my days roaming on this vast rocky pavement sketching and spending time in getting lost without meeting a soul. Back in my studio I turn my sketches into drawings and the drawings into linocut prints.

Jole Bortoli was born and grew up in Italy where she trained as a visual artist, graphic designer and printmaker. She attended the Art School for Fine Art and Pottery in Castellamonte, Turin (1966-70), and Visual Communications and Art of the Book in Urbino (1971–74). After graduating she co-founded and worked for over ten years in Fuorischema, Pesaro, one of Italy’s most renowned graphic design studio during the late 70’s – early 80’s.

In 1985 she moved to Ireland and in 1987 helped establish The Graphiconies (1987-95), a graphic design studio working mainly for the artistic and cultural sector. 

In 2006 Jole founded Art To Heart, an art organisation that works with children and adults in educational, community and art settings. Jole currently lives in Dublin and in the Burren, a remarkable geological region in the West of Ireland, which offers inspiration for much of her artwork.


PublisherJole Bortoli
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Other work of Jole Bortoli

Clints & Grykes III
Painting, 30x25 cm (w/h)
The Flaggy Shore II
Prints, 32x29 cm (w/h)
Hot Springs
Painting, 35x26 cm (w/h)
The Flaggy Shore III
Prints, 32x29 cm (w/h)
Courgette Plant with Robin
Painting, 71x53 cm (w/h)
Prints, 25x36 cm (w/h)
First Snow
Painting, 25x37 cm (w/h)
The Last Petal
Painting, 46x56 cm (w/h)
Clints & Grykes II
Painting, 30x25 cm (w/h)
The Geyser
Painting, 25x25 cm (w/h)