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About the work

An old massive machine stands alone in a place of worship. I recognize that technology and industry have not only influenced our lives, but have ruled over much of how we function in this world. I stop short of idolatry of mechanical things, yet I acknowledge its existential power.


PublisherJohn Manno
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

John Manno (b. 1951) was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island. Photography became an interest - and soon a passion - when he was in high school. He attended Boston University studying film and photography, graduating in 1973 with a BA degree. After graduating, he moved to New York City where he assisted several commercial photographers for a few years before embarking on his own career in 1977. His commercial photography business quickly expanded, as he made memorable images for design studios, magazines and advertising agencies. For four decades, working from his studio in the Flatiron District, John’s work for high profile clients has been seen in some of the world’s most prestigious publications.

While working in the commercial field John never lost sight of his art, constantly and consistently creating photographs for his own aesthetic satisfaction. Primarily a still life photographer, his art photos are mostly of this genre. He exhibited his work in dozens of galleries across the USA and abroad. The body of work called Misbegotten Places continues in that vein, being a series of still life photos of dioramas created in turn from other photographs. Painstakingly built, these still life images reflect places and scenes which exist only in the artist’s imagination.

John continues making these images and others from his home in Brooklyn, where he has lived for that past 35 years.

List of exhibitions:


  • Jones Gallery, Kansas City MO, "May Group Art Show"
  • StartaArta, New York, NY, "May I..."
  • Core Contemporary, Las Vegas NV, "Use Other Door"
  • Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis MN, "The Beauty in Madness"
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, "Quiet Landscape"


  • LoosenArt, Rome Italy, "The Man and The Machine"
  • ARC Gallery, Chicago Il, "Reality and Art"
  • Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, "Wide Open"
  • Royal Society of American Art, Brooklyn NY, "From The Ashes We Rise"
  • Creative Quarterly Magazine, CQ59
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, "Dreamscapes and Visions"
  • Perspective Gallery, Evanston Il, "Lens 2020"
  • Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis MN, "Open Theme"
  • Art League Rhode Island, Pawtucket RI, “On The Edge”
  • Watermark Galleries, St James NY, "Paint(erly) Photography"
  • Arts Illiana Gallery, Terre Haute IN, "The Crow Show"
  • Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael CA, "Artist's Visions"
  • Valley Art Center, Chagrin Falls OH, "Identity: Things"
  • Plaxis Gallery, Minneapolis MN, "Words Words Words"
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, "Black & White 2019"
  • Jones Gallery, Kansas City MO, "January Art Show"
  • Pleiades Gallery, New York City NY, "Altered States"
  • A Smith Gallery, Johnson City TX, "Water"
  • Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach CA, "Monochromatic" (Guest Artist)
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, "Abstractions"
  • Noyes Museum of Art, Atlantic City NJ, “RAW 2020”


  • Jones Gallery, Kansas City MO, “November Group Art Show”
  • Riverviews Artspace, Lynchburg VA, “11th Annual Art Show”
  • ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach CA, “Size Matters”
  • A Smith Gallery, Johnson City TX, “Surroundings”
  • Naples Art Association, Naples FL, “53rd Founders Awards Exhibition”
  • Alex Ferrone Gallery, Cutchogue, NY, “Portals”
  • Las Laguna Gallery, Lagunas CA, "Captured"
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, “Contemporary Landscape”
  • Viridian Artists, NYC, "Thirtieth International Juried Exhibition"
  • Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, Portland OR,  “Abstract Catalyst”
  • Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, Providence RI, “Open Call”
  • Vancouver Art Space, Vancouver WA, “Once Upon A Time (the art of fantasy)"
  • See.Me / ChaShaMa Gallery, NYC, "One Self"
  • Art League Rhode Island, Providence RI, "Narrative and Illusion"
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, "Water"
  • Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles CA, "Top 40 Juried International Competition"
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT. "Intentional Spaces"
  • LiC-A / Plaxall Gallery : "Drink Me, Taste Me"
  • Mills Pond House Gallery,: "Time"
  • Naples Art Association,: "Camera USA 2019: National Photography Exhibition and Award"
  • Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie NY, “Photowork 2019”
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, “Self Portrait”
  • Agora Gallery, NYC, "The Chelsea International Photography Competition"
  • Core Contemporary, Las Vegas NV, “Use Other Door”
  • LA Artcore, Los Angeles CA, "3rd Annual Photographic Competition and Exhibition"
  • Upstream Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson NY, “Reality and Perception”
  • Atlantic Gallery, NYC, “ESCAPE/ISM?”
  • Webster Arts Center, St Louis MO, Open Theme
  • The Clara M. Eagle Gallery, Murray KY, "2019 The Magic Silver Show"
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, “A Color Moment”
  • Robert Anderson Gallery, Denver CO, "Small Works"
  • R.G. Endres Gallery, Prairie Village KS, photo competition


  • Webster Arts Center, St Louis MO, “Inspiration”
  • fotofoto gallery, Huntington NY, “14th National Competition”
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT, “Fictional Narrative”

Other work of John Manno

Second Floor
Photography, 30x22 inch (w/h)
The Hall of the Crystal-Gazer
Photography, 30x22 inch (w/h)
Chess Room
Photography, 30x22 inch (w/h)
A Wayward Cloud
Photography, 22x27.5 inch (w/h)
A Couch And A Letter
Photography, 30x22 inch (w/h)
Subway Encounter
Photography, 30x22 inch (w/h)
Five Open Doors
Photography, 30x22 inch (w/h)
Angles of Refraction
Photography, 30x22 inch (w/h)
A Pendulum and a Pit
Photography, 30x22 inch (w/h)
Crypt of Forgotten Saints
Photography, 30x22 inch (w/h)