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About the work

The painting is inspired by the Japanese traditional painting, Ukiyoe. I referenced the color and water-like shapes of it but I transfer the methodology into my own interpretations  such as using contemporary painting materials and skills. The faces and masks in the painting is images of “self” and “mirrored”,”incomplete” appearance. In addition, the streamy lines make up the body are floating, swinging, tangling and they seem come from no origin and go to an eternal end.


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About the artist

——They are contemporary artists but I am “temporary” artist.

Hi, I am Misako, Jinhan Wei. My research is mainly about Abstract art, Surrealism and the philosophy of Beings and Absence. 

Other work of JINHAN WEI

Painting, 13.5x19.5 cm (w/h)
「St’ Hilda’s College」
Painting, 13.5x19.5 cm (w/h)
「Discarded Statue」
Painting, 27x39 cm (w/h)
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31 Oct 2021 12:54

Starting bid € 500,-
Heart Collection
Painting, 13.5x19.5 cm (w/h)
Painting, 13.5x19.5 cm (w/h)