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Each painting is like being inviting into somebody’s world and living place. You are entering their world. I want each experience to be visual, and you should be able to hear the soundscape. It is loud and busy; you should feel the energy of life.
I use Neon Color “ Emergency Colors” to bring light and life. It is like having a lighting switch, spotlight on the painting.
The main character, “The Owner,” is always placed on the middle more significant than the other guest. It can be a woman Samourai, a King somebody in power. All the other characters hide in the painting; sometimes, you only see their eyes or a simple sign of living creatures.
The dots and cross are my soundscapes; they bring life and sound to the painting. They bring rhythm.
The painting works like an engine, connected by the black line—
I want people to look at the paintings and start with simple living questions. What is the main character feeling, and what is a regular day for M.Barry, or King Rez? Listen to the sound, understand his world, and try to recreate their world with your own interpretation of your own story.

Inspired by Japanese Calligraphy, Street Art, Eastern and western world, Fabric pattern, People on the street in the elevator everywhere......


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