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About the work

Breathtaking acrylic painting on canvas of a woman dressed in red, with a bouquet of arum lilies, resting on soft yellow pillows with a lion.
Signed, 150 cm x 200 cm x 4 cm (5 ft x 7 ft x 2").


FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

Idalet Emmerentia Haasbroek Pauw (23-09-1962 to 7-06-2008)

As a child, she listened to the African drums playing their unique rhythm at night. Born in Zululand, Kwa-Zulu Natal, the rich and passionate African life with traditional dancing and witch-doctors in the setting of rolling hills, sugar cane fields and the Indian Ocean, deeply imprinted the soul of this South African artist.

At high school in Durban the multicultural environment, especially the Indian culture, further influenced her psyche. The colourful sari materials, Indian interiors and wedding ceremonies with exotic flowers made a lasting impression to complete her African inheritance.

Idalet not only studied art at school, which she passed cum laude, but she also sang as soprano soloist for the Port Natal School’ mass choir, the Natal Youth Choir and later the Pretoria University Choir. She received a scholarship to study fine arts at the University of Pretoria.

Her career, however, started as a businesswoman. She owned and managed three antique shops selling antique jewellery and accessories in Stellenbosch near Cape Town. But her love for interior decorating and the success of her architect-designed house in the nearby town of Somerset West, which features in various magazines, newspapers and an interior-decorating book, made her change course. 

Idalet ventured into a decorating and styling business for five years, where she made paintings to fit the interior. The head office of Spoornet (The Railway Corporation of S.A) commissioned her to do 13 pictures. She painted for the Cape Town City Council, different companies, doctor’s rooms and shops all over South Africa. Idalet decided to paint full time after all her paintings sold out at a joint exhibition. 

Her work is passionate, playful, rich, exotic, decorative and colourful and exudes inner peace and unity of spirit. Klimt, Gauguin, Matisse, Diego Rivera and the Pre-Raphaelite Movement influenced her painting style. She combines the spiritual and fantasy worlds with medieval shapes and symbols and uses mainly acrylic paint with oil glazes and wax finishes. Her paintings radiate peace and joy with the self and nature; are honest, open and at time naïve.

Idalet was deeply interested in colour therapy and the elevation of all races throughout the world. “I try to integrate and bring to a whole that which is broken. Through my paintings, I hope to bring people peace, in themselves and their environment.”

Idalet had exhibitions in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Köln, Frankfurt, Berlin, München, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Paris. 

Large decorating companies and hotels invited her for solo exhibitions in Jordan, Bremen, Ibiza, Luxembourg and Köln. Rosenthal AG requested her designs for reproduction on their porcelain.

Hotel groups, large decorating firms and private collectors purchased her work from countries which included Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, America, England, Luxembourg, Egypt, Turkey, Russia and Spain.

T.V. programmes in South Africa and Germany interviewed her.

She received the following invitations to exhibit from the:

1.         Travco Group, Iberotel, Travcotels, Solymar, Travco Air. Hamed El Chiary (CEO) Zamalek 11211, Cairo, Egypt and Dr Mohsen Noir, Egypt;

2.         FIFA World Cup Soccer, Germany. Detlef Heineman, DHC Consult, An der trinkhalle Z.A., D-65812 Bad Soden; 

3.         RTL – German Television Company for an exhibition at the International Aids Gala in Hamburg; and

4.         Lambert Design, Germany. 

At the age of 45 years, Idalet died very unexpectedly due to a pulmonary embolism.

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