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About the work

Created as spring sprung forth after Covid. The buds rush out, bounding with one another, cavorting; darts of brightness, splashes of inspiration, gaiety, amusement, the abundance of spring withers the grey of a fleeing winter. 


PublisherIain Dryden

About the artist

My childhood friends and role models were of a noble tribe; with its 42 tribes, the ancient Swahili coastal culture and those exciting animals, Kenya influenced my world view until I left aged 21. For some years, being extremely fit, I walked and travelled, often selling my artwork to fund my way; in London I built up my own small art firm. Aged 30, I put my education/geography degree from Oxford to use, teaching in schools until I decided to write an education curriculum for a charity in The Indian Ocean, where I met my wife. Several tropical diseases rendered me unable to work ever again. I continued to sell paintings in galleries, however most of my depleted energy went into writing about the environment for children, education and the BBC, and into illustrating my books and the environmental magazine I created. Now in retirement, I've created several illustrated books and continue to generate artworks. 

Other work of Iain Dryden

Joy 5
Painting, 70x70 cm (w/h)
Settle 4
Painting, 70x70 cm (w/h)
Pleasure 1
Painting, 70x70 cm (w/h)
Pleasure 2
Prints, 70x70 cm (w/h)