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About the work

Having Usher syndrome means you lose both your hearing and your eyesight. 

Although you can still speak, you cannot hear, no matter how hard you speak, you feel you are not heard, because you cannot hear anyone speak to you.

That is what this artwork envisions


PublisherHenk van de Grift

About the artist

I am born in IJsselmuiden, a town in the Netherlands. 

When I was 3 years old, it was discovered that I was very hard hearing and send to a school for the deaf in the city of Groningen, where I learned to speak, read and write. At the age of 6, when being able to do those 3 things, I came back home and continued at a regular elementary school.

But before the end of elementary school, it was also discovered that my eyesight was getting bad and I wore glasses of -11 when I was 13 years old.

Due to my bad hearing, I have always been very focused on visual expression.From the age of 12 I made a lot of drawings with pen and pencil and always carried them with me.

From the age of 28 I have done a lot of airbrush work. not just on canvas, but also on cars, motorbikes and surfboards.

When I was 32, I got the diagnosis Usher syndrome with the prospect of becoming both blind and deaf. My world collapsed. 

From the age of 34 I stopped making art for about 25 years because I did not know how I could express myself anymore. But since 2015 I found a new way to do that. A lot of my work can be seen on my website.

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