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About the work

Pandæmonium is a digital-collage composition mixing 2D & 3D elements. This numerical representation of the capital of the underworld takes the shape of a fortress, self-managed by an artificial intelligence [evoked by the printed circuits]. Its interior reveals a complex universe adopting the numerous codes of level design. Designed in two stages, this composition was first conceived with Cinema 4D from the assembly of various architectural elements, then rendered in multiple sessions with Octane Render. The same assembly technique was then transferred to Photoshop for the interior of the structure, using matte painting tecniques to mix macro photographies of computer motherboards as well as maps of classical vintage video games.


PublisherGuillaume Nicollet
FramedNot included

About the artist

Guillaume Nicollet is a 3D artist living in Paris that creates surreal digital universes using the compositoin methods of level design. His creation process combines 2D and 3D techniques. By merging these two mediums, he questions perception while building complex and detailed artworks where the viewer loses his bearings.

Co-founder of Monochrome, a parisian studio dedicated to Virtual Reality experiences, Guillaume Nicollet developed his mastery of Virtual Arts over the past 12 years through which he designed brand experiences, VR artistic collaborations and video game conception.