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Coming Home

Gill Bustamante

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19 May 2022 19:10

19 May 2022 19:10

Starting bid: € 20,-
For sale
40x40x1.5 inch (w/h/d)

About the work

Coming Home is a large square seascape painting of the sea, Seven Sisters’ chalk cliffs and the lighthouse at Eastbourne in East Sussex. It is 40x40x1.5 inches on white deep edge canvas. The sea is very blue and you can see the land fading off into a purple haze in the distance towards Seaford. A single seagull is returning home. This painting was inspired by the many times I have walked along these cliffs from Eastbourne over to Birling Gap. The sea is turquoise near the cliffs where it is affected by the colour of the rocks underneath it and is deeper blue as you go further out. Paint has been used liberally especially on the cliffs to give an idea of the texture. Dripples of white from the base of the cliffs hint at the motion of the sea and the erosion that is occurring because of it. This landscape is a great place to see for miles around over a beautiful sea and one I visited regularly to keep me happy during the covid lockdowns. No frame needed, ready to hang. Dedicated everyone loves to walk and who is active in preserving nature.


PublisherGill Bustamante
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

I am an independent artist based in Sussex and am known for my large contemporary landscape oil paintings which blend the near-abstract with the traditional. 

I did an art foundation course at Chelsea in 1979 and completed a fine art degree in Brighton in 1983.

My painting style is a fusion of Impressionist, Semi-abstract, messy Art Nouveau and something I term ‘memory impressionism’. This is where I go walking somewhere rural, look at and absorb the things I see and experience, and then come home and try to capture an ‘echo’ of the place from memory including any wildlife I may have seen. This is especially interesting in ancient places like England as there is magic in this world that many people don’t get a chance to see if they live in cities. I see it and I like to share it.

I like to think that paintings have ‘little souls’ woven into them by artist’s and that these are what call to a viewer (or not as the case may be) and give a painting presence and desirability. My paintings call to those who similarly like to look beyond the mundane and towards the spiritual.

My driving ambition is to paint a way out of this universe and into a better one which is why most of my artwork features pathways, portals, and little mysteries. One day I may disappear and you will know I have succeeded.

Painting always makes me happy along with cake, bunnies, driving erratically, BBC 6 music and totally irreverent comedy.

Please contact me if you would like to make an appointment to view artwork (East Sussex) or to discuss a commission. I am always very happy to meet people! 


Best wishes, Gill  

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