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About the work

Female portrait. -  Ceramic cm 18x24/7,1x9,5" + frame - proprietary innovative technique.


It is a hand-decorated ceramic tile

with glazes using a unique procedure of its kind.

It is then baked in the oven at 1050 degrees C. for 36 hours.

The result is a very hard ceramic that cannot be scratched.


The glazes used are of the highest quality.


The work is ready to be hung.

On the back, a spacer keeps it about 2 cm from the wall making it appear suspended.

On it you will find the data of the work and the signature in full.


It has no problems if exposed to UV rays or bad weather.


It can be cleaned with anything, even the scourer.


No damage or scratches.


Certificate of authenticity included.


The work will be securely packaged and shipped with tracking.


Made with Love, in Italy.


PublisherGilberto Borghesi
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

Better an egg today than a chicken tomorrow.

Curiosity, the desire to discover and continually test myself they are the cornerstones of my existence.

From work to private life, everything is constantly changing, always.

My body is 60, my energy 35.

I live in Italy, in a beautiful northern village.

A reckless adolescence, an ingenious father.

I work as a typographer,

in those days with movable types and printing presses.

I live, in 25 years,

the evolution of the art of printing from Gutenberg to Steve Jobs.

At 40, I choose to change my life.

I choose freedom.

I choose a more intimate profession, more mine.

I choose to create.

I choose a language:


Two masters,

Keith Carter and Mauro Fiorese.

Two sacred monsters of international photography.

Analog and pinhole,

Man Ray my mentor.

A book on ancient photographic printing techniques enlightens me.

I let myself go, I start creating with my hands again.

I experiment with many of the ancient techniques.

I combine the experience of a typographer with that of a photographer.

A unique manufacturing process is born

based on Chicken Eggs.

A convergence of acquired skills.

Since that moment I have never stopped expressing myself.

Works on large walls are born,

ceramics and glass fusions are born,

oxidized iron sheets are born.

Each creation is the evolution of the previous one,

a growth, a change.

A succession of challenges in search of new boundaries to overcome.

Against the tide, beyond the rules, beyond the limits.

Free, I explore unknown spaces, never traveled. The unknown.

I lose myself to find myself, to recognize myself, to be true to myself.


– – –

• 2020

Opening of the ceramics workshop; Best of HOUZZ 2020;

Ragusa, SilvaSuriMuseum buys a work.


• 2016

Milan, Fornace Curti, exhibits various ceramic works;

Bologna, Cersaie, exhibits ceramic work; Milan Design Week, performace, H2OTTO space;

Milan, Milan Design Week, creates a second work on Villa Busca Serbelloni.


• 2015

Milan, Milan Design Week, creates a work on Villa Busca Serbelloni.


• 2014

He develops a process that allows him to develop his photographs on unconventional materials and surfaces such as entire walls;

With Luca Pichestein, operator of the Mart in Rovereto, he opens the contemporary exhibition space "#IlmagazzinodellArte" (temporary).


• 2013

Verona, the power of lesbians photo contest, first prize of the technical jury, first prize of the public.


• 2011

The online newspaper "La Stampa" presents various works.


• 2009

The online newspaper "La Stampa" presents various works.


• 2008

Orvieto, Orvieto Fotografia: Professional Photography Awards, third place in 3 different categories;

Milan, photographic award - National Association of Professional Photographers - author noted.


• 2007

Arte Laguna Competition, finalist author; He joins Adobe Photographers Professional;

Milan, invited to publish a work at the Grandesign Award;

Imola, Altavia international photo competition, Special Jury Prize.


• 2005

Lisbon (Portugal), Euro Press Photo Award, 1st place represents Italy in the European final;

Photo Award City of Trento, 1st place;

He attends a workshop with Keith Carter and Mauro Fiorese;

The magazine “Work, art in progress” of the Civic Gallery of Trento publishes several photographic works;

Milan, juror for photography at the Mediastars Advertising Award.


• 2004

He attends a workshop with Keith Carter and Mauro Fiorese.


• 2001

Approach to photography


• 1973

He attended the Institute for Graphic Arts in Trento.

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