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About the gallery

Gallery Mokum was founded in the early 1960's.
The gallery has been a critical site for the viewing of realism in Dutch painting, a position that strengthened the role realism continues to play in the larger Dutch art world. 
Realism has always drawn a large public, and Gallery Mokum continues its role as the most identifiable venue for select artists working in this style. The gallery represents more than thirty artists, mainly Dutch.
In recent years the gallery has expanded its horizon and now represents a few well known realists from other countries. 
The broad scope in which these artists define their representational or realistic works of art can vary from still life paintings, portraits or even an expressionistic landscape.
As Holland's oldest gallery, Mokum has the choice of working with the finest artists working in this tradition. Please drop by the gallery, charmingly located in the heart of Amsterdam, for a personal viewing of their finely detailed realism and painterly personal visions or visit the current show online in the viewingroom.

Gallery Mokum offers their clients de Kunstkoop from the Mondriaan Fund. It offers individuals living in the Netherlands the possibility to purchase an artwork in monthly installments, without any interest. The aim of this service is to encourage private individuals to buy art and in doing so supporting the artists and generally stimulate the art market.  Please check for details.

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Euvelgunnerheem, wasbak
Prints, 23.8x30.4 cm (w/h)
Eline Brontsema
Painting, 40x40 cm (w/h)
Stijn Rietman
Galerie Mokum
Work on paper, 60x42 cm (w/h)
Dorine van der Ploeg
Galerie Mokum
Euvelgunnerheem Boeken,
Prints, 35.7x24.1 cm (w/h)
Eline Brontsema
Zwembad LVI
Work on paper, 27x37 cm (w/h)
Dorine van der Ploeg
Painting, 18x13 cm (w/h)
Seeger Baas
Nudisten 2
Painting, 15x15 cm (w/h)
Seeger Baas