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About the work

In the painting "Putridarium" a pomegranate is depicted placed on a glass container containing liquid (red wine).

With the composition of this painting, the artist wanted to symbolically recall the ancient custom of the "Putridarium".  The putridarium was a temporary burial place, generally in an underground crypt, in which bodies, commonly of monks or nuns, could be stored in wall niches, often seated on masonry chairs with a central hole and vessel to collect the liquids of decomposition. Once the bodies had reached a proper stage of decomposition, the bones were collected, cleaned, and stored in an ossuary.


PublisherFrancesco Castiglione
FramedNot included
Certificate of authenticityIncluded

About the artist

Francesco Castiglione is an Italian artist born in 1978 in Nocera Inferiore, near Salerno (Italy). The artistic genre to which he draws inspiration is realism and hyperrealism. Since he was a child, Francesco Castiglione has been captivated by drawing. In the teenage years he changed his artistic application, passing from tempera to acrylic, oil painting and graphite and charcoal pencils. This was followed by a period of abandonment of art which he resumed during the years in which he was a volunteer Airman in the Italian Air Force in Frosinone; here he met the hyperrealist painter Riccardo Evangelisti, at that time a frequent visitor to the studio of the illustrious master Luciano Ventrone, the latter who died at the age of 78 and defined the "Caravaggio of the twentieth century" by the art critic Federico Zeri. He became close friends with Evangelisti and began to frequent his studio where he was fascinated by the works created with the technique of hyperrealism. For work reasons, in 2010 he was transferred to the military airport of Capodichino and found a home in Nocera Superiore, in the province of Salerno, where he currently lives with his family. The discomfort generated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the period of forced isolation of the "Lockdown" trigger a greater creative energy in the artist allowing him to put into practice the precious advice of his masters: he refines the technique of hyperrealism and begins to produce new artwork. In 2021, one of his artworks is chosen to be exhibited at the 'Bud Spencer Museum' in Berlin, Germany. In the same year, the artist participates in various artistic initiatives of great value, among which the following are highlighted: participation in the auction with the issue of the official listing certificate, participation in virtual exhibitions on the web, publications in newspapers and magazines of artistic and cultural information, publication in auction catalogs, publication in Volume 'SKIRA' edition, artistic criticism of one's works as well as the presentation of the works at the international contemporary art fair 'SCOPE' in Miami Beach, Florida (USA)..

Events and Exhibitions
  • 2019 - Nocera Superiore, Salerno (Italy) - The periodical newspaper "Nuovo Nocera" publishes a biographical article dedicated to the artist Francesco Castiglione.
  • 2020 - Nocera Superiore, Salerno (Italy) - The periodical newspaper "Nuovo Nocera" publishes an article with an analytical description of the artwork "Timore e desìo".
  • 2020 - Exhibition on the Web, on the art page "Hyperrealism Art Gallery" - Instagram.
  • 2021 - Exhibition on the Web, on the art page "Hyperrealism Art Gallery" - Instagram.
  • 2021 - Nocera Superiore, Salerno (Italy) - The periodical newspaper "Nuovo Nocera" publishes, on the front page, a pencil drawing made by Francesco Castiglione.
  • 2021 - Rome (Italy) - Cristiana Pedersoli, daughter of Carlo Pedersoli (aka Bud Spencer) and art painter, sends the artist a dedication of appreciation for the "Portrait of Carlo Pedersoli - Bud Spencer". This dedication is also published on the Internet, on the official page of the international actor "Bud Spencer".
  • 2021 - Rome (Italy) - The photo of the Pedersoli family is published on the official page of the international actor “Bud Spencer”. In the photo, the wife of Carlo Pedersoli holds the portrait painted by the artist in her hands.
  • 2021 - Berlin (Germany) - Exhibition of the "Portrait of Carlo Pedersoli" at the "Bud Spencer Museum", the first multimedia exhibition in Germany completely dedicated to the great Italian cult character Bud Spencer.
  • 2021 - Exhibition on the Web, on the art page "Artblog World" - Instagram.
  • 2021 - Exhibition on the Web, on the "Natalia Klevaia" art page - Instagram.
  • 2021 - Exhibition on the Web, on the art page "Art.oil.painting" - Instagram.
  • 2021 - Publication of the artwork "Allium - reunification" (2021) on the Volume 'SKIRA' edition.  The Volume collects the production of the most significant artists on the world scene.
  • 2021 - Official auction of the artwork "Towards redemption" (2021) on the art investment site "" - Modern and contemporary art auction number 8.
  • 2021 - Official annotation on the search engine "" and "" (world leader in information on the art market) regarding the permanent release and attempted sale of the artwork “Towards redemption" in auction number 8 of 2021.
  • 2021 - Publication of the artwork "Towards redemption" (2021) in the auction catalog "Art Code", July 2021 issue, Prince Editor Edition.
  • 2021 - Publication of the artwork "Towards redemption" (2021) with notification of the official quotation of the artist in the contemporary art bulletin in the magazine "Icon Art Magazine" (July-August 2021 issue), artistic information magazine and cultural heritage of the ‘Prince Editor’.
  • 2021 - Certificate of Guarantee of the artwork "Towards redemption" (2021) issued by ‘Art Code’ auction house. The Certificate of Guarantee certifies the official nature of the acquired listing.
  • 2021 - Publication of the quotation acquired on the official website of "artcodecasadaste".
  • 2021 - Art criticism - Doctor IFF (Isabella Fortunato Fedriga), art critic of the artistic-cultural magazine "Icon Art Magazine", writes an art criticism about the artwork "Odyssey" (2021).
  • 2021 - The image of the artwork "Odyssey" (2021), with relative artistic criticism by Dr. IFF, is published on the official Facebook page of "Icon Art Magazine", the Prince Editor's artistic and cultural information magazine.
  • 2021 - Nocera Superiore, Salerno (Italy) - The periodical newspaper "Nuovo Nocera" publishes a journalistic article dedicated to participation in some artistic and cultural events in which the artist Francesco Castiglione participated.

Other work of Francesco Castiglione

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