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About the work

Every woman wants to look gorgeous, feel beautiful and loves compliments. With these unique onyx stud earrings, made of faceted black onyx and sterling silver, you are one of a kind. No other woman owns these onyx stud earrings, designed and made by FlorenceJewelshop but you. You feel like a queen with these onyx stud earrings.

onyx stud earrings made for you

No woman wants to meet another woman with the same outfit or the same jewelry. You are unique and you want to look like the most beautiful woman in the universe. You want that people look back when you wear these earrings. And when you get many compliments you are so proud, that you want to wear these beauties every hour of the day, and dream about them at night. The beauty of these onyx stud earrings lights up your face and makes your eyes shine like a thousand stars. Show that you have taste and that you have ‘an eye’ for exclusive jewelry.

These earrings make all your dreams and wishes come true.

Turn an ordinary outfit into a show stopper with these onyx stud earrings. One of a kind and like no other, they are designed just for you, or as a gift for someone truly special.

Unique features

These onyx stud earrings are made with beautiful faceted black onyx beads, small silver hoops, Thai silver bead caps in the shape of a flower, and sterling silver studs.


  • Made of faceted onyx, sterling silver, Thai silver
  • Length: 3 cm/1.18 inches
  • Weight is lightweight, less than 5 grams per earring
  • The earrings are ready to ship

Unique onyx stud earrings

  • One-of-a-kind earrings: FlorenceJewelshop uses every design only once and that design will not and can not be duplicated. My material is hand-picked and globally sourced. It is not possible to take large amounts of gemstone beads back home from one of my travels. So you actually own an exclusive piece of jewelry, that is unique in this world.
  • Great value for money: I pay a decent price to the gemstone trader and check the quality of every bead. You don’t buy a piece of mass production, but a handmade piece of art. For the woman with good taste.
  • Price: cannot be compared with a mass-production item. But you pay less than a decent meal for two, buying one of my jewels, and you enjoy it longer.
  • Quality: the knowledge and craftsmanship of making and designing jewelry are passed from generation to generation in my family. After my CEO career, I started FlorenceJewelshop (2005) and know by experience what women ‘need’ to look like in business, how women want to express themselves with unique jewelry, and how to make that happen.
  • Only one available: as stated before there is only one pair of onyx hoop earrings in my collection and once sold there is no other available. When you love it, buy it, before someone else looks stunning with these onyx stud earrings.

More information:


PublisherFlorence Eijck

About the artist

FlorenceJewelshop: ‘Wearing jewels is to express the woman you are… without saying a word’ Let me tell you a bit more about FlorenceJewelshop. My beads come from all over the world. After the death of my father, a jeweler, my mother starts making beaded pieces of jewelry. She makes awesome necklaces, with bone, glass, or plastic beads. At the time I am a tour operator, specialized in trips to Asia. And there they sell great gemstone beads of very high quality. And beautiful silver, made by the Karen tribe from Thailand. From every trip, I bring my mother some of these wonderful beads and she makes necklaces, which she sells. But she always said: ‘Florence, one day all those beautiful gemstone and silver beads are yours again’. Every bead has its own story to tell In 2005 my mother dies, and I inherit 17 kilos / 600 ounces of gemstone beads and tools. In her remembrance, I follow her steps and start to make pieces of jewelry of my own. Working with the beads I buy, in small quantities, in different countries, from all kinds of cultures. Every bead has its own story, a story I want to tell the world. The beginning of FlorenceJewelshop A dear friend asks me whether she can buy one of my beauties. The feeling and pride that came over me cannot be described: someone wants to buy my jewelry, give money for it, and wants to be beautiful with one of my creations. That is the beginning of my company, my FlorenceJewelshop. The mission of FlorenceJewelshop My mission is to make women more beautiful by showing them what pieces of jewelry look best on them, that matches their face and features, and hide their minor points (very one has!). Unique and beaded handmade designer jewelry of gemstones and (mostly) silver, made for unique and exclusive women, that make them sparkle. One of a kind jewelry From every design I make only one piece of jewelry, you are unique, and you deserve unique jewelry. You will never meet another woman with the same piece of jewelry, made by FlorenceJewelshop.

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