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About the work

Limited editions, Giclée Fine Art Print on 21cm x 29.7cm
Printed drawing 13cmx13cm
Paper: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Bright White, 310 grams
Printer: Epson P20000 SureColor Ultrachrome Pro Inkt
Tested at Wilhelm Imaging Research 100+ year
Stamp signed on the front.



About the artist

Every Mind Is Different started in 2021, with the goal of creating awareness about mental health. It gathers references from many sources: Creative therapy such as grid stitching, medical art, neurodiversity and idealism concepts, mental health awareness and social responsibility blogs, but also pixel art, automatic drawing, the NFT current of collections, Pop Art and advertising.

It consists of thousands of digital artworks, interpreting brain scans with mental disorders, as a reminder that our knowledge about the human mind is still limited.

The collection points out that, even though there are similarities in the way the human brain is affected by a specific mental illness, our minds are very different, which makes the illness unique for each individual. The background color is also different to suggest the multitude of environments that our minds process. Even though we can scan the brain in high resolution using current technology, the image of the mind is still pixelated, missing fine detail. Many treatments using medication are based on a trial-and-error process, which tries to alter the perception of reality for an ill mind. The color palette used in these drawings is inspired by the PET scan colors which illustrate the activity of the brain.

Currently EMID art can be found on:
Official website:
Instagram Gallery: @everymindisdifferent 
Some posts include short and random Wikipedia quotes.

The streets of Amsterdam as Sticker Art represented also in Street Photography:

In art galleries and private homes as fine art prints: