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Elliott Packham

München, Germany
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Member since: 3 June 2022

About Elliott Packham


Elliott Packham is an English artist who grew up in Reading, Berkshire before moving to Birmingham, West Midlands in 2012. He recently relocated to Munich, Germany in 2021 and now divides his time between there and the United Kingdom. 

His work is inspired by broad range of 20th century modernist architecture, which he developed a passion for whilst studying for a BSc in Spatial Planning at the University of Birmingham. Having also studied Art and Design at A-Level before going to university, Elliott combined these two interests into the work he produces today. 

He is currently represented by Lux Gallery in the United Kingdom and has also exhibited at Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery in the past. Elliott  has his first exhibition in Munich, Germany coming up in October 2022 at the Siebenmachen.  

Elliott’s artworks are large scale paints that are based on the facades of buildings that he has visited and photographed. Each piece is made by firstly making a technical drawing of the structure and then introducing acrylic paint to fill in different parts of the drawing, using masking tape to achieve straight lines. 

Elliott focuses on capturing the shapes within the building’s façade, along with some key details, as well as the shadows created by the natural light. He also takes building out of its context, which forces the viewer to be confronted with the form of the structure alone. This transforms the work from simply just being a building, to instead being a semi-abstract pattern of shape and colour that has no beginning or end. By also removing texture and other distractions, Elliott aims to showcase the beauty he finds in the simple lines, shapes and patterns of this type of architecture.  

As well as original paintings, Elliott also produces limited edition prints of his paintings in a variety of sizes. These are printed on high quality archival paper and have been colour matched to his original work. 


Curriculum Vitae


2020 - 2020

Calling All Creatives Competition - Shortlisted

Birmingham Architectural Association


2012 - 2015

BSc Spatial Planning and Business Management

University of Birmingham